GEO 4 Leg Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO6 460mm 500mm 460mm
GEO5 430mm 500mm 460mm
GEO4 380mm 440mm 420mm
GEO3 350mm 440mm 420mm

GEO Reverse Cantilever Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO10 460mm 530mm 500mm
GEO11 430mm 530mm 500mm

GEO Skid-Base Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO20 460mm 520mm 525mm
GEO21 430mm 520mm 525mm
GEO22 380mm 460mm 470mm
GEO23 350mm 460mm 470mm

GEO Stool

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO40 795mm 530mm 550mm
GEO41 735mm 530mm 550mm
GEO42 685mm 530mm 550mm
GEO43 610mm 530mm 550mm

GEO School ICT Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO30 390-520mm 600mm 600mm
GEO31 390-520mm 600mm 600mm
GEO32 400-480mm 500mm 460mm

GEO Beam Seating


GEO 4 Leg


Yellow +£2.00 Lime +£2.00 Ocean +£2.00 Sky +£2.00 Flame £0.00 Mulberry £0.00 White £0.00 Red £0.00 Slate £0.00 Black £0.00
Light Grey £0.00 Chrome Silver £0.00 Textured Grey £0.00 Dark Grey £0.00 Charcoal £0.00 Black £0.00

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The Geo Poly Four Leg Chair is a key component of the versatile Geo furniture range, known for its contemporary and rejuvenating design. The Geo Four Leg Chair, in particular, is exceptionally well-suited for classroom settings, offering both style and functionality.

This chair is designed to cater to various height requirements, with four standard height options available. Additionally, you can choose from a vibrant selection of ten shell colors and six frame color choices to align with your aesthetic preferences and interior design.

Practicality is a hallmark of the Geo Four Leg Chair. It has the ability to stack up to eight chairs high, making storage and space management a breeze. Furthermore, this chair holds the prestigious certification of EN1729 parts 1 and 2, assuring you of its durability, strength, and ergonomic design, which is essential for maintaining a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

For those seeking additional customization and comfort, we offer popular options such as a ø25mm frame, which enhances stability, upholstered seat pads for added coziness during extended use, and linking capabilities to keep your seating arrangements neat and organized. With these options, the Geo Four Leg Chair becomes an even more adaptable and versatile choice for educational spaces and beyond.





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