GEO 4 Leg Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO6 460mm 500mm 460mm
GEO5 430mm 500mm 460mm
GEO4 380mm 440mm 420mm
GEO3 350mm 440mm 420mm

GEO Reverse Cantilever Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO10 460mm 530mm 500mm
GEO11 430mm 530mm 500mm

GEO Skid-Base Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO20 460mm 520mm 525mm
GEO21 430mm 520mm 525mm
GEO22 380mm 460mm 470mm
GEO23 350mm 460mm 470mm

GEO Stool

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO40 795mm 530mm 550mm
GEO41 735mm 530mm 550mm
GEO42 685mm 530mm 550mm
GEO43 610mm 530mm 550mm

GEO School ICT Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
GEO30 390-520mm 600mm 600mm
GEO31 390-520mm 600mm 600mm
GEO32 400-480mm 500mm 460mm

GEO Beam Seating


GEO Reverse Cantilever


Yellow +£2.00 Lime +£2.00 Ocean +£2.00 Sky +£2.00 Flame £0.00 Mulberry £0.00 White £0.00 Red £0.00 Slate £0.00 Black £0.00
Light Grey £0.00 Chrome Silver £0.00 Textured Silver £0.00 Dark Grey £0.00 Charcoal £0.00 Black £0.00

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The GEO Reverse Cantilever chairs exemplify excellence by adhering to the stringent standards outlined in EN1729 parts 1 and 2, affirming their robustness, safety, and ergonomic attributes. However, it’s not just their compliance with industry standards that sets them apart; it’s their innovative reverse cantilever frame design that brings added functionality and convenience to the table.

The unique reverse cantilever frame of these chairs introduces a practical feature that greatly facilitates maintenance and cleanliness in educational environments. This clever design allows the chairs to be effortlessly suspended from the classroom desk’s top surface, creating a convenient gap between the chair and the floor. This gap not only makes cleaning beneath and around the chairs more accessible but also simplifies tasks such as sweeping or vacuuming, ensuring that the learning environment remains tidy and hygienic.

The GEO Reverse Cantilever chairs are not just a testament to quality and compliance but also a testament to thoughtful design that prioritizes practicality. By enhancing ease of cleaning and maintenance, they contribute to the overall efficiency and cleanliness of classrooms, making them an ideal choice for educational institutions seeking both ergonomic comfort and operational convenience.




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