EVO 4 Leg Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
EVO6 460mm 480mm 480mm
EVO5 430mm 480mm 480mm

EVO Reverse Cantilever Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
EVO10 460mm 530mm 545mm
EVO11 430mm 525mm 545mm

EVO Skid-Base Chair

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
EVO20 460mm 530mm 535mm
EVO21 430mm 525mm 535mm

EVO 4-Leg Stool

Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
EVO40 795mm 525mm 580mm
EVO41 735mm 525mm 560mm
EVO42 685mm 525mm 560mm
EVO43 615mm 525mm 540mm

EVO School ICT Chair

Description Code Seat Height Overall Width Overall Depth
Black Base EVO30 430-560mm 600mm 600mm
Chrome Base EVO31 430-560mm 600mm 600mm

EVO 4 Skid Base


Yellow +£2.00 Lime +£2.00 Ocean +£2.00 Sky +£2.00 Flame £0.00 Mulberry £0.00 White £0.00 Red £0.00 Slate £0.00 Black £0.00
Light Grey £0.00 Chrome Silver £0.00 Textured Grey £0.00 Dark Grey £0.00 Charcoal £0.00 Black £0.00

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Introducing our latest creation, the EVO chair – a modern reimagining of the classic one-piece Polypropylene shell design. The EVO chair, featuring a four-leg configuration, not only boasts an aesthetically pleasing form but also meets the rigorous standards of EN1729 parts 1 & 2 for performance and safety.

Crafted with precision, the EVO chair’s frame options offer versatility to meet your specific needs. You can choose between the robust 19mm or the even sturdier 25mm diameter steel frame, the latter also offering a sleek Chrome levelling foot variant for added sophistication.

For enhanced comfort and customization, we offer the option of adding a cushioned seat pad and convenient links between chairs. This ensures that the EVO chair can cater to a wide range of seating preferences and applications.

In terms of aesthetics, our extensive palette of ten shell colors and six frame colors ensures that the EVO chair seamlessly complements any environment. Whether you’re outfitting a classroom, a conference room, or a modern office space, the EVO chair is designed to make a statement while providing exceptional comfort and functionality.




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