ARI 4 Leg Chair

This chair will stack 10 high on the ground or the transport dolly
Code Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Seat Height
ARI4 850mm 510mm 540mm 450mm


ARI Skid-Base Chair

This chair will stack 10 high on the ground or the transport dolly
Code Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Seat Height
ARISKID 840mm 560mm 580mm 450mm

ARI Swivel ICT Chair


ARI Skid Base


White £0.00 Light Grey £0.00 Orange £0.00 Lawn +£2.00 Wine £0.00 Toasted £0.00 Prussian £0.00
Chrome Silver £0.00

If you select Seat Pad you need to continue down and select your upholstery.


 The Ari chair is a contemporary marvel, featuring a textured polypropylene seat that caters to a wide range of applications. What sets Ari apart is its adaptability, with various base options available to perfectly suit your specific needs and preferences.

Ari’s textured polypropylene seat is not just functional but also an aesthetic delight. It comes in a stunning array of 8 standard colors, allowing you to infuse your space with a burst of vibrant personality or maintain a sleek and understated look. These color options are not merely decorative but also a means of personalizing your environment, ensuring that Ari seamlessly integrates with your design vision.

One notable addition to the Ari chair lineup is its skid base version. This variation adds an extra layer of functionality, enhancing stability and facilitating effortless movement across a variety of flooring surfaces. Whether you require seating for a dynamic office space, a bustling classroom, or a trendy cafe, the skid base Ari chair offers both durability and ease of use.

In summary, the Ari chair is a versatile masterpiece that harmoniously combines form and function. With its multiple base options and a vibrant spectrum of colors, it can be customized to align perfectly with your unique style and needs. The introduction of the skid base version only adds to its adaptability, making Ari a stellar choice for a wide range of environments, where aesthetics and functionality meet in perfect balance.




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