• Roundtop Aluminium Banqueting Chair  with Arm Rests
• D: 52cm – W: 58cm – H: 93cm – SH: 46cm
• BS:7176 fire requirements for medium hazard
• Suitable for general contract use
• 25mm x 25mm x 2.0mm aluminium tube frame
• Stack 10 high for easy storage
• Seamless back panel, no visible fixings
• Max Load: 225 kg**

Roundtop Alu With Arms



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Our Round-Top Stacking Chair is a prominent member of our banqueting chair collection, known for its appealing combination of lightness and resilience. As with all our offerings, this chair was designed with the user’s comfort and the product’s longevity in mind.

The chair’s lightweight design is one of its key features, making it a breeze to handle during events. Despite its lightness, there’s no compromise on its strength. The Round-Top Stacking Chair boasts a heavy-duty frame, ensuring its ability to withstand the demanding usage often encountered in the event industry. This makes it ideal for events that require frequent set-up and take-down, or for venues that need to quickly adapt to different seating arrangements.

Our aluminium banqueting chair series, which includes the Round-Top Stacking Chair, has been designed to cater to any business in search of a robust, reliable, and flexible seating solution. Each model in the range is marked by durability, elegance, and comfort. Whether you are in the hotel industry, operate a restaurant, or run a professional event organizing service, these chairs are designed to meet your needs.

The entire range of aluminium banqueting chairs is not just versatile and robust, but also effortlessly stylish. They can complement a variety of event themes and decor styles, making them perfect for any occasion, from formal corporate events to festive private parties. Their polished aluminium finish gives them a sleek and sophisticated appearance that can elevate the overall ambiance of your event.

In summary, the Round-Top Stacking Chair, along with our entire range of aluminium banqueting chairs, is designed to offer businesses a durable, stylish, and flexible seating solution that effortlessly handles the rigors of frequent use while maintaining a level of elegance and comfort that is sure to impress your guests.


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