• Available in 9 standard polyester powder-coated finishes
  • Custom RAL/Pantene Colour match options
  • 20mm x 20mm with 1.6mm wall thickness steel frame legs
  • Stack 10 high for easy storage
  • Visible fixings in back of the chair
  • Plastic glides to prevent floor scratching
  • Manufactured to order
  • Gloss Finish as Standard
  • Matt & Satin Finish also available
  • Width: 49cm
  • Depth: 56cm
  • Height: 84cm
  • Seat Height: 47cm
  • Seat Width: 45cm
  • Seat Depth: 45cm
  • Chair Weight: 5KG
  • 10 Year Structural Warranty on frame.
  • FABRIC WARRANTY : 5-10 Years depending on selection.






From £88.95

UK Production 6-10 weeks

Smooth Silver £0.00 Silver Hammer £0.00 Antique Silver £0.00 Smooth Gold £0.00 Gold Hammered £0.00 Black £0.00 Antique Copper £0.00 Brown £0.00 Gunmetal £0.00 Special Colour £0.00

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The Lisglass stacking chair stands out in its own league due to its thoughtful design and striking aesthetic appeal, making it a true signature piece in any setting. This chair has been specifically crafted for use in various formal and semi-formal environments such as Places of Worship, doctor’s offices, and waiting rooms, where the furniture’s finish and style are as important as its functionality.

Moreover, the Lisglass chair isn’t just limited to these environments; it’s also a perfect fit for any place that requires a chair with a refined finish and eye-catching beauty. Its design effortlessly blends practicality and elegance, making it a perfect choice for establishments that want to make a strong impression with their interior decor.

One of the key features of the Lisglass stacking chair is its exceptional comfort. It boasts a seat and backrest designed to provide the utmost support, contributing to an enjoyable sitting experience even over extended periods. This design element is not just about comfort; it’s also a critical aspect in promoting good posture and reducing physical fatigue, both of which are essential in settings like waiting rooms or places of worship where individuals might be seated for a considerable duration.

Adding to its versatility, the Lisglass stacking chair can be customized according to your specific requirements and tastes. This means you can tailor it to perfectly match your aesthetic preferences or the existing decor of your space. You have the flexibility to choose the frame colour and fabric colour, allowing you to create a unique piece that truly reflects your style.

The Lisglass chair’s popularity is not surprising given its blend of style, comfort, and customization. Yet, we didn’t stop there. For those seeking an extra touch of luxury and comfort, we offer the ‘plus’ version of this chair. The Lisglass Plus provides an even thicker seat cushion for enhanced comfort and a higher backrest for improved support, making it a fantastic choice for settings where optimal comfort is paramount. All these features make the Lisglass stacking chair, especially the Plus version, not just a piece of furniture, but an embodiment of style, comfort, and personalisation.




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