• Available in 9 standard polyester powder-coated  finishes
  • 25mm x 25mm with 1.6mm wall thickness steel frame
  • Stack 10 high for easy storage
  • Visible fixings in the back of the chair
  • Plastic glides to prevent floor scratching
  • Manufactured to order
  • Gloss Finish as Standard
  • Matt & Satin Finish also available.
  • Width: 45cm
  • Depth: 56cm
  • Height: 87cm
  • Seat Height: 46cm
  • Seat Width: 40cm
  • Seat Depth: 40cm
  • Chair Weight: 6KG
  • 10 Year Structural Warranty on frame.
  • FABRIC WARRANTY : 5-10 Years depending on selection.



Lansdowne Steel



From £76.95+vat

UK Production 6-10 weeks

Smooth Silver £0.00 Silver Hammer £0.00 Antique Silver £0.00 Smooth Gold £0.00 Gold Hammered £0.00 Black £0.00 Antique Copper £0.00 Brown £0.00 Gunmetal £0.00 Special Colour £0.00

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The Lansdowne Steel chair, a versatile and premium piece of furniture, is available in two versions: with or without armrests. This flexible design option has been created in response to our understanding of our customers’ varying requirements. We know that our clients have diverse needs, and hence we ensure this adaptability is present across all models in our premium chair series.

This concept of offering both armrest and non-armrest versions has come from the observed practices of many of our customers who prefer to mix and match these two styles based on the specific use case or layout of the venue. Different situations call for different types of seating, and we strive to accommodate these varied requirements with our flexible chair design options.

Churches, in particular, have found unique and aesthetic ways of utilising this flexibility in chair design. They typically use chairs without arms for the centre of their seating rows, creating an unbroken, streamlined look and maximising the use of space. This allows for comfortable movement and interaction among the attendees while maintaining an orderly and neat layout.

On the other hand, chairs with arms are placed on the ends of these rows, adding a distinctive, refined touch to the overall arrangement. This creative use of armchairs not only provides a functional benefit – offering additional support for those seated on the row ends – but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the space. It delivers a sophisticated and inviting look, culminating the seating rows in a visually pleasing and presentable way.

This example of the Lansdowne Steel chair usage showcases how our commitment to flexibility and variety can help our clients create unique, functional, and attractive spaces. Our objective is to provide seating solutions that can accommodate a wide range of needs, making every venue look and feel its best.




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