• Diamond Steel Banqueting Chair Burgundy Fabric
• D: 53cm – W: 44cm – H: 93cm – SH: 46cm
• BS:7176 fire requirements for medium hazard
• Suitable for general contract use
• 20mm x 20mm x 1.2mm steel tube frame
• Stack 10 high for easy storage
• Seamless back panel, no visible fixings

Diamante Steel



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The Diamante Steel Banqueting Chair is a versatile piece of furniture designed to grace a myriad of settings, ranging from places of worship such as churches to grand functions, from elegant wedding halls to bustling catering events, and from community gatherings to corporate meetings. Its design and functionality allow it to seamlessly blend into different environments, adding value and elegance to any occasion.

One of the chair’s unique features is its inbuilt steel banqueting chair handhold, making it incredibly user-friendly. This design detail simplifies the process of moving the chairs to and from different venues, eliminating potential stress involved in arranging or packing up large-scale events. Furthermore, the handhold enables efficient stacking and storing of the chairs, making them convenient even when they are not in use.

The Diamante Steel Banqueting Chair is a confluence of comfort and luxury. Its wider base and frame, along with the rich fabric and plush foam, infuse it with a grandeur that amplifies the overall ambiance of the event. The sense of luxury is further emphasized by the careful use of materials that meet the rigorous standards of FIRA, tested to BS 7176 requirements for medium hazard. This ensures that the chair is not only beautiful but also adheres to stringent safety standards.

The true charm of the Diamante Steel Banqueting Chair lies in its sophisticated design, especially noticeable in the structure of the chair’s back. The backrest is crafted in such a way that it imbues an air of prestige and elegance, an attribute that comes to full fruition when the chair is placed in situ.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the design incorporates practicality, with the built-in handhold acting as a brilliant example. This feature facilitates easier handling, moving, storing, and stacking of the chairs, making this beautiful piece of furniture as functional as it is visually appealing.

In summary, the Diamante Steel Banqueting Chair stands as a harmonious blend of elegance, luxury, and practicality. Its adaptable design, combined with the luxurious look and feel and user-friendly features, makes it an ideal choice for any venue or event.



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