• Diamond Aluminium Chair – Blue Fabric with Arm Rests
• D: 53cm – W: 59cm – H: 93cm – SH: 46cm
• BS:7176 fire requirements for medium hazard
• Suitable for general contract use
• 25mm x 25mm x 2.0mm aluminium tube frame
• Stack 10 high for easy storage
• Seamless back panel, no visible fixings
• Max Load: 225 kgs

Diamante Alu +Arms



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Blue Fabric With Silver Vein, Silver Frame £0.00 Red Fabric With Gold Pattern, Gold Frame £0.00 Blue Fabric With Gold Pattern, Gold Frame £0.00


The Diamante Aluminium Banqueting Chair stands out as a sturdy, lightweight choice that excellently fulfills all your event furniture requirements. Designed with both comfort and durability in mind, this chair not only adds an elegant touch to your banquet setup but also ensures that your guests are seated comfortably throughout the event.

Part of our broader aluminium banqueting chair collection, the Diamante is specifically designed for contract use, making it an ideal option for professional event organizers, hotels, or restaurants. Due to its strong and durable construction, it is categorized as a heavy-duty stacking chair. This classification implies that it is designed to withstand frequent use and heavy loads, thus guaranteeing you a long-term service.

Moreover, safety and compliance are key aspects of our product design. In this regard, the fabric and foam used on the Diamante Aluminium Banqueting Chair have undergone stringent FIRA testing to a BS7176 standard. This standard ensures that the materials used are resistant to ignition sources like matches and cigarettes, making the chair suitable for use in medium hazard spaces such as offices, cafes, restaurants, and public spaces. Therefore, you can trust that the chair is not only comfortable but also adheres to high safety standards.

The design of the Diamante Aluminium Banqueting Chair is also aimed at enhancing its ease of use. It features a frame that is wider than that of our steel banqueting chairs, offering a more spacious and comfortable seating area for your guests. The frame also incorporates a built-in hand hold, which is an excellent feature that facilitates easy movement and rearrangement of the chairs. Whether you are setting up or tearing down after an event, this thoughtful feature simplifies the process by making it easier to handle the chair.

In conclusion, the Diamante Aluminium Banqueting Chair, with its robustness, lightweight design, compliance with safety standards, and user-friendly features, is a versatile and reliable choice for all your event furniture needs.



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